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Healing Achilles Tendonitis July 24, 2008


Based on personal experience, achilles tendonitis is one of the worst injuries you can have. Not only does it completely incapacitate you (I went from playing 6 hours of ultimate a week to driving to work every day since walking was too painful), but it takes forever to heal.


That’s why I read with great interest an article published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine (2008; 36(5):881-887). This study testing the effects of low intensity laser therapy and specific exercise for achilles tendonitis.


52 athletes were divided into two groups. One group was given low intensity laser therapy and strengthening exercises, while the other was given fake laser (machine not turned on) and the strengthening exercises.


Results showed that the low intensity laser group had significant improvements in pain and all other measured factors at 4, 8 and 12 weeks after the initial treatment, when compared to the exercise only group.


This is only one study looking at achilles tendonitis treatment, and so much more research needs to be done. However, it does show some promise for the use of low intensity laser therapy. In fact, it was this treatment, coupled with some acupuncture that finally got this Comox Valley Chiropractor back on the road to health.


5 Responses to “Healing Achilles Tendonitis”

  1. […] to the Vancouver Chiropractor for tipping me off about the recent study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine […]

  2. I’m a fan of low level laser therapy for many types of soft tissue injuries but was initially resistant to use it until the research became stronger. I find it quite helpful in practice now. Thanks for pointing out this article. I’m glad LLLT helped you with your own personal achilles injury.

    • julie Says:

      I’m trying to find relief from achilles tendonitis that i’ve had for seven months now. what type/intensity of cold laser gave you results? did you have a chronic case of tendonitis? thanks, julie

      • drdebbie Says:

        Hey Julie,

        I used the bioflex system from Meditech ( It has 3 different wavelengths of light – 1 for each pad/probe used. I’m not sure of the exact settings as they are pre-programmed into the machine and they worked so I didn’t have to play with them. My achilles tendonitis was chronic, and between the laser and acupuncture I managed to resolve it to the point where I don’t feel anything at all. I would say I had it probably for about 1.5 years.

  3. Info Stuff Says:

    yeah! that is really nice information … thnx alot keep it up!

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