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Affordable Health Care Benefits June 16, 2008


As a small business owner, I always thought health benefits were outside of my reach. I have since learned that even small businesses can benefit from group health plans, and having coverage for chiropractic services will result in healthier employees! Here’s some information from Paul Cheetham and Ryan Witmeyer of the Investors Group:

Do you have a small or medium size company with three or more employees? Do you have a corporate policy relating to heath, retirement, or other benefits in place? With the Executive Group Program, a great benefits program, your company will have access to an individually tailored benefits package for you and your employees.


Did you know that group benefits are an investment in a company’s well-being, rather than an expense. They provide a tax-deductible alternative to a raise in pay and are less expensive as there are no additional increases in CPP, EI or WCB payments. Benefits programs can help attract and retain key employees; increase productivity and the quality of employees’ work; and reduce turnover or absenteeism.


Group insurance, retirement services, and educational seminars are Paul’s and Ryan’s primary focuses to create value and increase company morale. They can also provide individual financial planning for employees at no cost to the employer. If you are interested in more information, please email Paul Cheetham at or Ryan Witmeyer at


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