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Prevention and Your Vancouver Chiropractor April 5, 2008


“Health care costs are rising at twice the rate of economic growth, and three times the rate of inflation. We spend more time treating a growing number of chronic diseases, instead of preventing them. Change is needed, and with our Throne Speech and Budget, we have turned the need for change into an opportunity for improvement.


The best time to deal with illnesses is before they occur. That is why our government is moving to eliminate trans fats in the preparation of foods in restaurants and ban smoking in cars with young children, steps we believe will prevent chronic illness in British Columbia and save the health care system downstream costs.


George Abbott, Health Minister


Prevention is the focus of the BC government moving forward. With their Act Now BC campaign, the BC government is trying to encourage BC residents to get active, stay healthy, and prevent chronic diseases from occurring.


One of the largest chronic health conditions in BC residents is that of lower back pain. Over 80% of British Columbians will experience low back pain in their lifetime. It is for this reason that the BC Chiropractic Association has partnered with the Ministry of Health to create a campaign targeting students and their parents.


The Pack it Light, Wear it Right campaign endeavors to educate kids about the potential harmful effects of too-heavy backpacks on their back health. In partnership with Act Now BC, two commercial spots were created and aired on tv. Visit the BCCA web page to view theses spots. They were extremely effective , with a recent Ipsos Reid poll showing a 73% recall of the ads.


More information is available on our Chiropractic Comox Valley website


Pack it Light, Wear it Right Handout


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